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Puyang Chengke Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is located in Hi-tech Development Zone of Puyang. It is a hi-tech enterprise of Henan Privince mainly engaged in the research and development of halogen free flame retardant, and the company has established well cooperation relationship with domestic many famous universities. The company has powerful technology and completed inspection facilities with regular management and reliable quality...
Add: North part, Shengli West Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Puyang, Henan, China
Contact: Zhao Xizhen
Tel: +86-13323639909 +86-393-8945566
Fax: +86-393 8945566
Msn: zhiyanhappy1226@hotmail.com
Corporate tenet:
Provide the customers with satisfying products
Corporate spirit: Be prominent and top
Operation principle: Honest, quality based
Our Products
• CK-APP101 (High degree of polymerization Ⅱ ammonium polyphosphate, n>1000) • Modified APP-1000
• CK-APP102 Melamin resin coated ammonium polyphosphate • CK-MPP melamine phosphate
• CK-APP103 silicane coated ammonium polyphosphate • Epoxy resin special halogen free flame retardant
• CK-APP105 epoxy resin coated ammonium polyphosphate • PP special halogen free flame retardant
• CK-PN201 halogen free intumescent polyolefin special flame retardant • TPU special halogen free flame retardant
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